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Physical Therapy

Improve your quality of life through physical therapy. Our highly trained physical therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation and develop a plan of care to facilitate your greatest outcome for success.

Healthy Living Weight Loss

Look and feel great with Healthy Living. Through this evidence-based program, you will develop the tools to address weight management, pain management, nutrition, effective exercise, and stress management. 

Personal training

Develop strength and endurance through the use of our state of the art in-house equipment. Personal Training is only available post-rehab. 


Maximize the benefits of your exercises through proper alignment. Dr. Staci Noyes runs her own chiropractic practice within the wellness facility and collaborates with our physical therapists to ensure your interventions are as effective as possible. For more information, visit  Noyes Chiropractic.

Therapeutic Exercises

manual therapy
Manual Therapy
Techniques include soft tissue, joint mobilization, and manual traction. Cold stones offer therapeutic effects on a range of conditions, from easing arthritis pain and muscle injuries to alleviating sinus congestion; they are used for muscular pain and spasms, headaches, swelling, sprains, strains, and contusions. Hot stones enable the therapist to work deeper on trigger points or really tight muscles.
therapeutics exercises
Therapeutic Exercises
Whether you work from home, have a desk job, or work at a heavy physical demand job, you can benefit from therapeutic activities. These activities are designed to improve functional performance (lifting, pulling, bending, home, and work simulation tasks).
work hardening
Work Hardening

Work Hardening
If you have been injured, we can help you return to your job duties safely. Through a series of conditioning exercises and job simulation tasks, your body will be prepared to perform in a safe and healthy mann

vestibular rehab
Vestibular Rehab

Do you have trouble with vertigo, dizziness, visual disturbance and/or imbalance? If so, vestibular rehab can be effective in improving symptoms related to many of these inner ear/balance disorders.

Help decrease pain, inflammation, and swelling and speed tissue healing with ultrasound, electrical stimulation, hot/cold pack, and light therapy.

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With a top-notch facility and state of the art equipment, we have the tools to help you live your best life and feel great.



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"Friendly staff and very competent."

“Energetic, knowledgeable, caring staff that are committed to the health and well-being of each individual patient/client.”

“Staff was wonderful, care was great.  I felt valued and accomplished all my goals”

“Very professional staff.  Very friendly and knowledgeable goals”

“The Healthy Living Program offered by Special K Fitness is a blend of information and exercise geared to each individual. The instructor kept things varied and challenging. I had a great experience and would take this class again.”

Pam W

“Great clinic with personable staff and excellent therapists.”

“Entire staff was positive in nature and was there to help in my time of need.”

“Very friendly staff, friendly environment.”

“Staff has been extremely helpful.  Couldn’t have had a better experience.  This is my third injury and Mac has taken very good care of me.  Awesome PT”

“Helpful staff and Madi is dependable and knowledgeable of my knee condition.
Rena B

“Motivated me to keep active and made great suggestions for at home exercises.”

“Staff was compassionate and attentive to my needs.”

I am very satisfied with the help I received.  I am doing much better than when I first came.” 
Elaine B

“My visits were all positive.  Very happy with the services given.”

“Everything was great. You guys do a fantastic job.”