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Shoes are one of the most essential things in this world. We wear them every day. From boots, slippers, and sneakers we wear them all. We’ve even had our share of wearing shoes that are too big, small, and uncomfortable. You know what those shoes are? Bad shoes!

Bad shoes in general are BAD NEWS! We all heard the saying “The knee bone’s connected to the hip bone.” By wearing shoes that are too stiff, soft, high or short we are changing the placement of our feet. In time, the way we stand from our shoes can later affect our knees and cause it to cave in or out. Similarly, as your knees change so would your hips and back. As you keep, wearing the same bad pair of shoes your feet, knees, hips and back would eventually compensate for each other and cause muscular imbalances and PAIN!

So, you might be wondering how do I find good shoes? Well, don’t you worry because good shoes are not hard to find. Good shoes altogether keep your feet, knees, hips and back properly aligned and healthy. Plus, having the proper arch support from good shoes help distribute weight evenly and reduce the risk of injury. Below are some helpful guidelines on how to properly find good shoes. Now what are you waiting for? Go and show the world your new walk!

Signs of a Good Shoe:

Poor Quality

Good Quality

  • Heel should feel stable when you walk or run
  • Heel counter should not fold in
  • Shoe should bend in the toe box easily and not in
    the middle of the shoe, toe box bend should not
    be too stiff
  • NO outside heel give in outer heel counter
  • Heel height should be symmetrical
  • When walking you should be able to sense stability of the heel throughout the gait cycle.
  • You should also be able to feel arch support/contact as you step through and push off your big toe when walking or running.

*Example of what happens to the human body when one of our feet is overly turned in or out.

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