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Farmington’s Special K Fitness is not just a physical therapy clinic or a gym. We have a unique environment for our area in which we have a Chiropractor, Dr. Staci Noyes, with her practice in the same facility. Both the chiropractor and the physical therapist provide services for relief of pain, injuries and other medical conditions. Both use various approaches to provide successful treatment which can complement each other.
The chiropractor focuses on restoration of the joint function and motion, while the physical therapist addresses the surrounding soft tissues such as the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The physical therapist will also focus more on the progression of strengthening and rehab. Having Dr. Noyes in the same facility allows us to consult with her for proper alignment issues, and then we can better strengthen the areas to help with the patient’s pain relief and achieve the maximum benefits of therapy.
An added plus to the physical therapy and chiropractic care is that Special K Fitness also has a Licensed Massage Therapist who utilizes various techniques, such as, Trigger Point Treatment, Deep Tissue Massage, Structural Re-integration, Hot and Cold Stones, all of which help with the soft tissue issues of the patient.
Certain conditions such as scoliosis, herniated discs and chronic pain can receive maximum benefits of treatment from utilization of all three practitioners.
Our mission at Special K Fitness is to help maximize the outcome of the patient to their fullest potential, and we will utilize the appropriate resources that we have available in order to achieve that mission.

Your Spine is Never Too Old to Improve

Do you think your spine is too old to improve and that you have to live with your poor posture or chronic pain? Let me tell you there is a recipe to help you improve, but exercise, the right exercise, is the main ingredient and vitally important. I recently attended a course on The Aging Spine and this is a mantra by that speaker that really sums it all up:
The spine, bones and joints are the frame
Helping aging adults get stronger
Encourage and empower

Attaining improved strength with
Guidance and
Now as never before to
Get more functional everyday

New achievements
Exercise is so important!

Let me tell you that all of the models for the exercises and videos for the class ran from age 78 to 95 years old and were able to participate in these exercises. It just goes to show you that you are never too old.

Along with the exercises being very important, comes the right teacher. Physical therapists fall into that category with the expertise and knowledge required to help guide you through making changes in your spine and posture. Now the commitment is up to you!


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